Non-invasive prenatal genetic testing

Inspection Project Profile

Non-invasive prenatal genetic testing is a non-invasive prenatal screening technique for fetal chromosomal abnormalities. Only a small amount of venous blood from pregnant women is needed, and the latest high-throughput sequencing technology is used to isolate free plasma from maternal peri-week. DNA fragments (fetal free DNA) are sequenced, and the sequencing results are analyzed for biological information, from which the fetal genetic information can be obtained to find chromosomal abnormalities that may affect fetal health.

Community 23 pairs (46) Chromosomes, 23 pairs (46) of the fetus, are 23 chromosomes provided by each parent, and are paired after fertilization. Non-invasive prenatal genetic testing detects specific abnormalities in fetal chromosomes and screens for fetal chromosome and genetic mutations in early pregnancy.

Any excess or deletion of a chromosome, or a mutation in a gene, can cause health and development problems. Each pair of parents has the risk of having a baby with a chromosomal disease, which is accidental and can occur without a family history; this risk increases with the increase in the age of the pregnant woman; the fetal can be predicted in advance by non-invasive prenatal genetic testing The risk of developing a chromosomal disorder.


Detection Scope

Chromosome 3T syndrome, sex chromosome abnormal syndrome, more than ten kinds of high-grade hereditary chromosomal abnormalities screening, nearly 300 kinds of chromosome micro-repetition, micro-deletion abnormal syndrome.


Detecting Advantages

Safety: Non-invasive sampling to avoid intrauterine infection or miscarriage;

Early: It can be detected early in pregnancy, and early detection problems can be solved early;

Accurate: Accuracy is as high as 99.9%;

Convenience: One screening in one step, no need to do amniocentesis.

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