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When the mother is pregnant, the fetal genetic material is metabolized or destroyed and becomes a free gene fragment (Fetal DNA Fragment), which enters the mother's blood circulation system through the placenta, that is, the pregnant woman's blood contains the fetal free gene. Fragment. Maternal blood Y-STR test refers to the use of non-invasive prenatal chromosome screening to detect whether the contains Y chromosome marker in the fetal gene using the maternal blood sample to determine the sex of the fetus.

The fetal free gene fragment is separated from the maternal serum to obtain fetal free nucleic acid cells in the maternal blood sample, and is detected by polymerase chain reaction technology (PCR) to detect Y chromosome specific genes, detection The presence or absence of the Y chromosome marker determines the sex of the fetus. The accuracy of the gene detection is as high as 99.8%. Pregnant women can be tested after 7 weeks of pregnancy and get results in about one working day. It is an early and accurate identification method recognized by the medical community.


Detecting Advantages

Intravenous blood collection, no need for fasting, no pain, no pain, no infection, so that the baby is safer, the mother is more relaxed.



If the following conditions have occurred before pregnancy, the doctor should first consult the doctor about the impact of the situation on the test results:

1. Have received allogeneic blood transfusion or blood products, transplant surgery, stem cell therapy, etc.

2, there have been male births or a history of abortion

3, pregnant twins and multiple births

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